Gaza Emergency

The air strikes and violence in besieged Gaza Strip have killed at least 32 Palestinians including 6 children.

Libya Floods Emergency Appeal

The heartbreaking loss of over 3,000 lives, with 20,000 people displaced and over 10,000 reported missing, paints a grim picture of the scale of this catastrophe. While the full extent of the disaster is still emerging, it’s undeniably clear that Libya is facing a profound humanitarian crisis.

Morocco Earthquake Relief

A powerful earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.8, has struck Morocco, causing immense devastation.

Bangladesh Cyclone Emergency

Two catastrophic disasters, a 7.8 magnitude followed by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, have struck major parts of Turkey.

Turkey Earthquake Appeal

Two catastrophic disasters, a 7.8 magnitude followed by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, have struck major parts of Turkey.

Winter Appeal

Millions of people are facing a numbing cold, with little or no protection. Millions of refugees rely on humanitarian aid to survive the winter months. The weak, the elderly, and children are the

Pakistan Flood Emergency Relief

A huge explosion that devastated the port area of the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday has killed at least 100 people and injured around 4,000 others.

Bangladesh Floods Emergency

Heavy monsoon rains and storms have put Bangladesh in the face of devastating floods. As a result, dozens of people have lost their lives, while over 8 million are reportedly displaced as floodwaters inundate their homes destroying their belongings.

Rohingya Refugees

Extreme violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State led to the cross border movement of over 900,000 Rohingya refugees into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

DR CONGO – Volcano Eruption Emergency

The lava also engulfed and destroyed Tujali Watoto School & Vocational Training Center supported by Muslim Response USA in Bushara Village.

Elimination of Child Labor through Education

More than 12 million children are reportedly involved in child labor in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Labor Force Survey, 2014-15 revealed that of those children aged between 10 and 14 years active in child labor,

Pakistan School Water & Sanitation

Currently, Pakistan has the world’s second-highest number of out-of-school children with an estimated 22.8 million children aged 5-16 not attending school, representing 44 per cent of the total population in this age group.

Yemen Emergency

As the Yemen conflict enters its fourth year, over 22 million people – and majority of them children – need urgent humanitarian aid and protection.

East Africa Drought & Food Insecurity

East Africa is struggling to recover from the impact of the El Niño-induced drought in 2015/2016. Some 5.6 million people in East Africa require humanitarian relief

Kashmir Emergency

Due to the lock down and restrictions on movement in Kashmir since Aug 05 when Indian government stripped this disputed State of its partial autonomy, thousands of people – majority of whom are women and children, are facing severe lack of food.

Corona Virus Relief

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has now infected more than 200,000 people and killed more than 8,000 globally, with almost 80,000 people having recovered from the infection, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

Kashmir COVID-19 Relief

Like other states and regions in India, Kashmir Valley is also facing the deadly second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. The number of COVID-19 positive cases surged to 156,344,

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