Turkey Earthquake Appeal

Freezing winter weather is adding to the plight of over 1.05 million people left homeless in Turkey – most of them are women and children, who desperately need food, shelter, clean water, blankets and hygiene supplies. 

Turkey and Syria Earthquake

Two catastrophic disasters, a 7.8 magnitude followed by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, have struck major parts of Turkey and Syria on Monday morning, 6th Feb 2023. The second quake was big enough to bring down more buildings, and tremors were felt across the region. Over 32,000 lives are confirmed lost, and about 120,000 more are wounded; 1.05 million left homeless by the quakes are in temporary shelters in Turkey, many of them are women and children. At least 6,000 buildings collapsed, many with residents still inside them. People have been left without shelter in freezing winter conditions and desperately need blankets, emergency shelter, food and clean water. The death toll is expected to rise as aftershocks and tremors ripple through the neighboring countries.

Temperatures in some areas fall to near freezing overnight, worsening conditions for people trapped under rubble or left homeless. Rain fell on Monday after snowstorms swept the country at the weekend. Poor internet connectivity and damaged roads between some of the worst-hit cities in Turkey’s south are hindering efforts to assess and address the impact of the disaster. Rescue services have been deployed and are underway, but they face hindrances due to severe weather conditions. In affected areas of Turkey, rescue teams are overwhelmed, and civilians are digging people out of the rubble by hand.

Turkey is the world’s biggest refugee host country. About 3.6 million Syrian refugees live in the nation following the protracted Syrian Civil War. Many of these refugees live in southeastern Turkey in the area where the earthquakes struck. The catastrophe has raised the specter of a new humanitarian disaster in an area of the world already racked by war, a refugee crisis and deep economic troubles.

Muslim Response USA is on the ground in Urfa, Southeastern Turkey with its partners in Turkey to help those still in danger and in need of humanitarian aid.  Help us help the affected families by donating today.

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