Orphan Support

Key Features

  • Response USA defines orphan as a child younger than 18 years whose father or mother or both parents have died, or a child whose father’s whereabouts have been unknown for two years or more. The orphan may be of any gender, religion, race, or ethnicity.
  • At Response USA, we ensure that orphans who qualify for sponsorship and are of school age must be attending the school. If the child is not attending a formal school, then sponsorship can still go ahead provided that the child is benefiting from an alternative education program.
  • Once an orphan has been found eligible for sponsorship then an agreement is signed between Response USA or its partner organization and the orphan’s guardian which specifies the roles and functions of both the parties involved and that the guardian understands and will comply with Response USA’s child sponsorship and protection guidelines.

Orphans Enrollment

We select orphans for sponsorship using a multipronged criterion, which considers vulnerability, financial need, family size, housing conditions, and health status. The families with the greatest need receive priority for sponsorship. With a view to enhance program outreach, we encourage enrolment of one orphan child per household. Official documentation and community feedback are collected to confirm the child status, and children are not discriminated based on their race, religion, color, ethnicity, age, gender, or disability.

Select the child for your Sponsorship

Response USA donors may select the child they want to support from a database of children available on our website, which provides basic information about the child i.e. name, age, gender, language, and country. We encourage donors to choose ‘Where Most Needed’ also; it enables us to sponsor the neediest children first.

How does an Orphan Child benefit?

Sponsorship payments are transferred to the orphan’s guardian monthly where possible and quarterly in rural areas where access is difficult. Response USA’s Orphan Sponsorship Program is aimed at providing the basic services to enrolled children which include:

  • Shelter
  • Food & Water
  • Primary Healthcare
  • Education

In addition, Eid gifts, schoolbags, uniforms, and weather appropriate clothing are also provided subject to availability of funds. We ensure that orphans and their families benefit from our ongoing programs in their respective communities.

Orphans Program is closely monitored to ensure that the enrolled children are receiving the full benefits of sponsorship. This is done through interaction with the children & their caregivers during orientation sessions on child protection, periodic visits to their homes/schools, health checks and recreational activities. 

Duration of Sponsorship

We have a long-term commitment with orphans and sponsorship continues up to the completion of 18 years of age. We require a minimum sponsorship time of one year because this allows us to plan and maintain a consistent level of support to the orphan. We would love for you to experience a long-term relationship with your sponsored child, but we certainly understand that unforeseen circumstances could affect your commitment. If at any time you need to cancel your sponsorship, please call us or send an email (contact@rusard.org) and the change will be processed within two weeks.

Communicate with your Sponsored Child

Response USA encourages and facilitates communication between the sponsor and orphan. However, any correspondence and gift exchange must be via Response USA. In compliance with our Child Protection Policy, donors are not allowed to contact the orphan children or their families by telephone, e-mail, or in person, without prior authorisation from Response USA.

Stay informed of the Progress

We will allocate a child to you within 4-6 weeks of receiving your donation payment. You will be sent a Welcome Pack, which will include details of your sponsored child and information on how you can start communicating. Thereafter, progress reports are emailed to sponsors once a year.

Value for your Money

For every dollar donated, 90cents will go directly towards supporting the child. 10cents will cover the cost of delivering a quality program and allow our staff and representatives to carry out vital visits to the child at home and school, monitor their educational progress and collect reports for donors.

Visit your Sponsored Child

You can visit your sponsored child if prior notice is given and the country the child lives in is safe to travel to. It takes a lot of time to coordinate a visit and we will need you to contact us at least three months in advance. We will require you to fill out a donor Visit Request form. Once the request has been processed, we will contact the concerned country program to confirm the details of your visit.

Support a child without Sponsorship 

A minimum commitment of $45 per month provides regular support for a child. There is a ‘Where Most Needed’ option to which you can donate any amount and contribute to projects that help sponsored children and their families worldwide.

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