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Rohingya Refugees are still in desperate need for humanitarian relief; please DONATE your Sadaqah, Zakat and help them.

The Rohingyas Stranded in Kashmir 

Around 6,000 Rohingya Muslims who fled their homes after violent attacks on their native villages in Myanmar in 2017 are stranded in Jammu, the summer capital of the Jammu & Kashmir. The Indian government says it has evidence there are extremists among these Rohingya families who pose a threat to the country’s security and considers them “illegal immigrants” who will be deported.

Muslim Response USA is providing thermal blankets, food parcels, and non-food items to Rohingya families to help them survive a harsh winter in Jammu and Kashmir.

Please donate generously and help these Rohingya families who are living miserable lives in temporary camps without the basic amenities of life.

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