Bangladesh Floods Emergency

As monsoon season began, heavy rainfalls triggered a torrent of floods in the Sylhet district of Bangladesh, forcing millions of families to be displaced.

Heavy monsoon rains and storms have put Bangladesh in the face of devastating floods. As a result, dozens of people have lost their lives, while over 8 million are reportedly displaced as floodwaters inundate their homes destroying their belongings. The Bangladesh Army and relief agencies continue to work with local administrations in evacuating stranded people from several inundated parts of the country and assist in the relief operations. So far, only 300,000 people have been able to move to shelters, where they still need humanitarian aid, with 5 million others still seeking shelter and hoping to survive this devastating result of climate change.

The Bangladeshi media have published the images of many residents took refuge on their rooftops amid gushing rising waters until the rescue boats came in. Emergency medical services are needed for the people stranded in flood affected districts districts as hospitals remain flooded.

People in the waterlogged areas face acute shortage of food and drinking water.  Mobile and internet connectivity are also hit due to the rains. More than 1.6 million children’s futures remain hanging in the balance due to the devastating floods.

The Worst Flooding In Century Has Left Hundreds of Thousands of People Food Insecure

Due to this climate crisis, food security and livelihoods face a decline, leading to another economic crisis within the country. All they have is hope, a hope that their brothers & sisters will aid their survival during these difficult times.

Muslim Response USA is sending humanitarian aid to vulnerable families stuck on lifeboats, farms, and inadequate shelters just to stay above the waters. Your support will enable us to send emergency food aid to starving families, as well as emergency non-food items to help them pull through.

What Needs To Be Done

With their lives already fallen apart, our brothers and sisters are at the mercy of yet another heavy rainfall down the line, as predicted by weather forecasts. They cannot wait, so please donate.

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