Be the source of relief, solace, and joy for the underprivileged this Eid Al Adha. Share your Qurbani with the impoverished, providing essential sustenance, and bringing happiness to countless lives.

Thanks to your incredible support last year, we were able to bring joy and nourishment to thousands facing poverty across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

This year, Muslim Response USA is committed to reaching even more vulnerable communities and spreading the blessings of Dhul Hijjah. We invite you to join us once again in this noble cause of bringing hope to those in need.

The season of Qurbani is the season of giving, sharing, and sacrificing what you love in the name of Allah (SWT). With so many vulnerable families living in poverty, they barely afford to have enough meals per day. Food insecurity and economic challenges are difficulties that they go through without any means of support. As Eid-ul-Adha approaches, vulnerable families of rural communities will finally rejoice as they will be able to eat healthy through your sacrifice. Hoping for a joyous Eid, they await your aid.

Like every year, this year once again, Muslim Response USA aims to reach out to at-risk families facing extreme hunger. With your Qurbani, they can have the chance to eat well, be happy and have a blessed Eid. So be generous, and make sure to fulfill your obligation.


Eid Gifts For Orphan


PLEASE ACT NOW Please donate Qurbani in your own name or on behalf of a loved one, and help us feed hundreds of thousands needy families in countries affected by war, conflict, disaster, hunger and poverty this Eid al-Adha; Insha’ Allah.

  • Qurbani is a sacred act performed by slaughtering an animal for the sake of Allah SWT that reminds us of the story of Prophet Ibrahim and Prophet Ismail (peace and blessings be on both). It reminds us of the great sacrifice both were willing to make, their strength of faith, and of God’s favor and mercy upon the believers.
  • Sacrifice is performed by Muslims all over the world on the tenth of Dhu al-Hijjah and it is obligatory upon all adult and sane Muslims who have the financial means to sacrifice the sheep, goat, cow or camel during the days of Eid al-Adha.
  • Sadaqah and charity cannot compensate for Qurbani nor fulfil this obligation. Just as Zakat cannot compensate for Hajj, or Fasting cannot compensate for Salaat, similarly no charity can compensate for Qurbani.
  • The Qurbani must be performed before Eid-al-Adha prayers and the meat distributed between the 10th and the 12th of Dhul Hijjah. It is a way in which Eid blessings can be shared with those in need.

* Share of Cow/Bull and ** Goat/Sheep

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Allah (SWT) calls upon the believers to turn to Him through prayer and sacrifice, especially for those whom He has granted an abundance of wealth

Days of Qurbani

The days of Qurbani are the 10 th , 11 th and 12 th of Zul Hijjah. The first day is considered to be better than the second, and the second better than the last.

How does Muslim Response USA perform Qurbani?

At Response USA, we take the trust reposed in by you very seriously and perform Qurbani on your behalf with our best intentions. We comply with the Islamic traditions and ensure that:

  • Sharia compliant animals are sacrificed
  • Animals are well-fed and kept in healthy & humane conditions
  • Cleanliness is maintained in the slaughtering, meat packaging & distribution
  • Local economy is supported by buying livestock from local farmers.
  • Beneficiaries include widows, orphans, disabled & refugees
  • Fresh meat is delivered to needy families – Not Frozen, Not Canned

Muslim Response USA performs Qurbani in the countries and regions affected by disasters, wars, violent conflicts, poverty and hunger where access to food is limited. Please remember that many people in these countries only have fresh meat during Eid al-Adha. Your Qurbani makes a difference.

Qurbani Animal & Shares

  • All cattle – cows, camels, sheep, and goats, that are slaughtered for Qurbani should fulfill all the conditions in accordance with the Islamic principles.
  • The necessary age for sacrificing a goat is one full year – both for male and female. A cow, bull or buffalo needs to be two years old, and a camel five years. Animals that are younger are not suitable for Qurbani.
  • The slaughtering of a cow, bull, buffalo or camel will suffice for seven persons provided no one’s share is less than one seventh.
  • Offering a goat, sheep or ram in sacrifice is permissible for one person only.
  • The Qurbani animals need to free from any visible defects that make them unsuitable
  1. Blindness in one or both eyes
  2. A limb or limbs are missing
  3. Illness or morbidity makes cattle unsuitable for human consumption
  4. Horn broken off from the root
  5. Very weak and thin animal who cannot walk

Eid Gifts for Orphans

Celebration of Eid is a festive occasion throughout the Muslim world. However, for many children, this happiness is tarnished by poverty. They are deprived of the many luxuries that we are fortunate enough to enjoy, such as wearing new clothes, enjoying delicious treats and exchanging Eid gifts with our loved ones.

Let’s go the extra mile today and make this Eid memorable for the helpless children. Your small donations towards new clothes, a toy, or a pair of shoes can provide them with incomprehensible happiness.


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